Gendalia (gendalia) wrote,

Lawn care and vehicle maintenance

Our backyard has been in pretty bad shape, so we've been working on it only little by little. We spent Saturday vacuuming up pine needles that had been gathering for probably the last 20 years. Borrowed a friends blower/vaccuum shredder and that made things pretty easy, although dumping the shredded needles was really dusty. Blowing my nose that day, it was all black and icky, and my nose has been really sensitive since then.

Jason's car was hit last week. We weren't in it, it was parked. At least it was only minor body damage, really, and everyone stayed calm. We took it in for work today, should get it back in a couple days, and in the meantime, we'll drive my car. We're not driving much any more, since we started walking to work/class, which has been really nice for a) exercise and b) spending less money.

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