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Dodging axes

My university's budget has been cut $32 million dollars for the fiscal year ending June 30th. 4.5 to 5.5 million of that came in the last two weeks, which speaks to the planning being done in the state government. The budget for next year is currently expected to be $7 million more than the budget (after all the cuts) for this year. In my department 7 positions may be lost, but only 4 of them are currently filled. My position, happily enough, wasn't one of them.
The state government was suggesting furloughs of 1/2 day for every two weeks for the rest of the fiscal year for all but critical employees to make up the difference, but the university is planning to make it up in other ways. The university is instead hoping to have as much of the university as is realistic closed during spring break. I'll take the week off, there's plenty to get done at home and on NetBSD stuff.

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