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Fun with Christmas trees.

Jason's mom gave us a Christmas tree when she moved away. Artificial, one of the pre-lit ones, with clear Christmas lights all over. While I think that clear lights are nice on the outside of houses, I think it's too bright on our tree, so we went and got strings of multicolored lights, and now we're swapping all the clear lights on the tree with the multicolored lights on the strings for outside. My sister said it'd be simpler/cheaper to just go buy a multi colored prelit tree, if we value our time at all, but I guess I can't see doing that since we have a perfectly good tree. I think we've almost 1/3 done, might get it done by Christmas. I think with the multicolored lights it's easier to see the tree, the clear lights cause too much glare. I guess I'm picky.

We don't have many decorations on it other than a few 'first Christmas' things my aunt gave us for our first Christmas, 5 years ago. A few things Jason's had for ages, but I've never had/kept decorations. I was looking at decorations at the store, but I think they're excessively expensive for what you get. I might go buy more decorations after Christmas, when stuff is on sale.

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