crock pot short ribs

We'd had 3 pounds of boneless short ribs in the freezer for a while, waiting for me to do something with them.  I've never made short ribs before, so I googled a bit, and found a recipe that looked easy enough without a huge dependence on sugar for sauce. It turned out reasonably tender.
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Hello again

 I haven't used this for anything but occasionally reading my friends list in a long time. I'm going to start using it for several different things, some of them more visible than others. One of them is occasional food experiments. That's what I'm going to start with, anyway. The others will start showing up as well eventually. 
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drop dead date for time zone file updates is March 11th

I have something in my reminder file about making sure my machines have the updated time zone files.  Thinking about it, I thought I should remind others about it, so no one is surprised.

For digital unix, netbsd, linux, solaris, and ultrix (all I've checked so far) this will tell you if you have the current (and correct) zone file:
# zdump -v US/Central | grep 2007
US/Central  Sun Mar 11 07:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Mar 11 01:59:59 2007 CST isdst=0
US/Central  Sun Mar 11 08:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Mar 11 03:00:00 2007 CDT isdst=1
US/Central  Sun Nov  4 06:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Nov  4 01:59:59 2007 CDT isdst=1
US/Central  Sun Nov  4 07:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Nov  4 01:00:00 2007 CST isdst=0

A not updated machine will look like:
% /usr/sbin/zdump -v US/Central | grep 2007
US/Central  Sun Apr  1 07:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Apr  1 01:59:59 2007 CST isdst=0
US/Central  Sun Apr  1 08:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Apr  1 03:00:00 2007 CDT isdst=1
US/Central  Sun Oct 28 06:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Oct 28 01:59:59 2007 CDT isdst=1
US/Central  Sun Oct 28 07:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Oct 28 01:00:00 2007 CST isdst=0

As far as I know, anything that still gets updates from Microsoft (for those of you who must use Windows) should have gotten the updates quite a while ago.  I suspect that even those versions that don't get updates from Microsoft will have patches available somewhere, but digging may be required.

The Sharing Knife: Beguilement

The Sharing Knife: Beguilement showed up in my mailbox this week. I finished reading it this afternoon, and immediately started rereading it. I want the next book now! The first three chapters are here, read them, then go order your own copy.

Lawn care and vehicle maintenance

Our backyard has been in pretty bad shape, so we've been working on it only little by little. We spent Saturday vacuuming up pine needles that had been gathering for probably the last 20 years. Borrowed a friends blower/vaccuum shredder and that made things pretty easy, although dumping the shredded needles was really dusty. Blowing my nose that day, it was all black and icky, and my nose has been really sensitive since then.

Jason's car was hit last week. We weren't in it, it was parked. At least it was only minor body damage, really, and everyone stayed calm. We took it in for work today, should get it back in a couple days, and in the meantime, we'll drive my car. We're not driving much any more, since we started walking to work/class, which has been really nice for a) exercise and b) spending less money.

Dodging axes

My university's budget has been cut $32 million dollars for the fiscal year ending June 30th. 4.5 to 5.5 million of that came in the last two weeks, which speaks to the planning being done in the state government. The budget for next year is currently expected to be $7 million more than the budget (after all the cuts) for this year. In my department 7 positions may be lost, but only 4 of them are currently filled. My position, happily enough, wasn't one of them.
The state government was suggesting furloughs of 1/2 day for every two weeks for the rest of the fiscal year for all but critical employees to make up the difference, but the university is planning to make it up in other ways. The university is instead hoping to have as much of the university as is realistic closed during spring break. I'll take the week off, there's plenty to get done at home and on NetBSD stuff.
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End of the semester

Friday was the last day of the semester for us. It's also the first day of my vacation from work. I'm looking forward to the time off, the last several weeks have been extremely busy, but didn't feel productive at all. I suppose that it's all the extra meetings.

We're going to spend Christmas at home, just the two of us. It's kind of nice to not need to run all over visiting everyone in a couple days, although the reason we're not doing so is a little sad. If my dad were still alive we would probably be travelling, but it changes things a lot. Jason's mom moved out of state too, so that cuts visits in half.

I'm on call while I'm on vacation, but things are fairly stable, shouldn't be too bad. I've a project I finished Friday, at least implementation, but since I was going to be gone for a couple weeks it was a bad time to put it into production, so that waits til I get back.
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