Fun with Christmas trees.

Jason's mom gave us a Christmas tree when she moved away. Artificial, one of the pre-lit ones, with clear Christmas lights all over. While I think that clear lights are nice on the outside of houses, I think it's too bright on our tree, so we went and got strings of multicolored lights, and now we're swapping all the clear lights on the tree with the multicolored lights on the strings for outside. My sister said it'd be simpler/cheaper to just go buy a multi colored prelit tree, if we value our time at all, but I guess I can't see doing that since we have a perfectly good tree. I think we've almost 1/3 done, might get it done by Christmas. I think with the multicolored lights it's easier to see the tree, the clear lights cause too much glare. I guess I'm picky.

We don't have many decorations on it other than a few 'first Christmas' things my aunt gave us for our first Christmas, 5 years ago. A few things Jason's had for ages, but I've never had/kept decorations. I was looking at decorations at the store, but I think they're excessively expensive for what you get. I might go buy more decorations after Christmas, when stuff is on sale.
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Mission Statement Jenga

I was chatting with a few people, and we started throwing meaningless words around, and soon we came up with mission statement jenga. This was my entry:
Partnering experiential knowledge and innovation with skilled team players enabling creation of functional synergies in core competencies architected using forward looking operational strategies formulated outside the box, designed to enhance our competitive edge.
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Project review went ok

Had the project review with the professor who is more or less in charge of our project, so we could tell him what we were doing and how far we had gotten. Went well, he wants to know if we're going to write a paper. We planned to originally, but our departments have no travel budget, so we're all unsure if we'll be able to go to a conference to present. He said we might be able to apply for grants from the school to go to the conference, though, which would be neat. So I have an abstract to write, must be in on the 12th for consideration. We'll see how that goes, I've gotten some encouragement via email from a member of the program committee.
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A good mechanic is hard to find

but I found one. My car has been having problems where it feels like I need to have the clutch in about 1/2 inch through the floorboard to change gears. So I took my car in, to have it fixed. Ron's (the garage) has been working on it all week, and showed me the clutch they replaced, it was missing about 1/4 of the circular bit. They're not happy with how the clutch is working, though, so they had me come pick it up, and want me to drive it for a week or so, then see what I think. They're not charging me for any of the work until then, and if I'm not happy, they'll pull the transmission and work on it some more. They've already put in several hundred dollars of work they deserve payment for, so this amazing offer just makes me feel much better about having them work on my car.
The fact that it's not grinding every time I change gears is a huge plus, but they think it's still too hard to shift. I was used to the old way though, so driving it for a week is an excellent idea, just one I'd never expect to be offered like this.
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(no subject)

I sent mail to both of my US senators and the representative. I got a canned response from one senator, but the other one just bounced after 5 days of the senate's exchange server being down. What a wonderful recommendation for software, just what I want our nation depending on. I haven't heard anything back from the representative, but I wonder if any one of them actually reads the email.